Who we place


The participant must have reached the age of fourteen (14) on the 31st August of the programme year. There is an extra fee for students under 16 to cover the private fostering assessment by Social Services. There is a limited number of spaces for very young applicants. A student in the high school programme may not reach the age of 19 during the year.

Academic Ability:

A minimum grade is not specified. Students are expected to have at least a C in at least 5 subjects. They should expect to study subjects in which they have good grades.

English ability:

Students are required to be able to participate fully in school and family life. Any student who is unable to do so, must participate in a pre-programme English course in the UK. In the unlikely case of a  student arriving without sufficient knowledge of English, he will be asked to pay for private tuition.


The participant must be screened by the Agency for emotional and intellectual maturity. The decision to come must have been made by the participant. Partners are obliged to check the motivation of the student and the parents. Parents must be willing to trust both our organizations. Concerns about the attitude of the student or parents must be communicated