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You have a job to do, so you need a professional workspace. You learn in an environment which is more like a workplace than a school. You have your own work pod. You are going to be studying hard and using your freetime to have fun, so it is good to separate work from play. Your work pod contains everything you need and we recommend you leave it there at the end of your day.

Your teachers hold a class in each subject every day, then you access material from a work station and study independently. If you have a question, you can ask a qualified person at any time. When you are finished, you take your work to a teacher who goes through it with you and gives you immediate feedback. Through this, you have the possibility to instantly correct mistakes and improve, whereas marking in school can take a week and by the time you get it back, you have lost connection to it.

We strongly suggest you don’t have your mobile phone in your work pod. We do recommend you take as many breaks as you need. The learning hub provides snacks and drinks and there is even equipment like a Play Station and XBox because we know that switching off for half an hour can refresh you.

The pod system prepares you beautifully for later university study. The small group tutorial system and constant contact with teachers gives you the ability to discuss on a high level, voicing opinions and developing your own ideas. You are likely to stand out at university as a structured, independent thinker.

When you have achieved your aims for the day, you go home, to a freetime activity or maybe even to a part time job.

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