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As we said before, students on a 2 year course, often get a little lost. You can’t do that, but we do a lot to make sure it doesn’t happen. In contrast to all other students…

  • You have the same lessons at the same time every day.
  • From day one, you know exactly which topics you need to cover in each week.
  • It seems like a small thing, but you know exactly which exams you will take on which days nine months later.
  • You can access your teachers at all times for guidance.
  • Your independent study is marked immediately and you always get feedback in person, so you can instantly work on weaknesses.
  • Each class is taught in a very small group.
  • Additional one to one time with the teacher is standard.
  • You always know what to study next: Material for each topic is available as soon as you are ready for it.
  • We work hard to make sure you are working out how you learn best. These study skills will be extremely valuable for your future life too.

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