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Many students from abroad give themselves a head start. They take one of the three A levels they need in their own language. They only need to study a couple of weeks to do that and get an A* grade. That would leave just 2 subjects. Lets assume the worst case, that you don’t take that option. So how do we deal with the 2160 hours mentioned on the ‘A Levels in one year’ page?

The normal 2 year course: Students start A levels in year 12 and take the final exams at the end of year 13. They come from a highly regulated system in year 11, probably like the one you are used to, to one in which they have much more freedom. In the first 6 months of year 12, a significant number of students don’t realise that they should never have nothing to do. They have not yet learned how to use their free periods wisely and they don’t yet have an eye on the final exams. It takes a while to get used to the timetable in year 12. They may start one day at 9:00 and another day at 11:00. Some days, they have 5 hours of lessons, other days they have none. They have a total of around 18 hours a week and they need to structure the rest of the time. Schools give them time to adapt.

Could you be different? We respect you being brave enough to try, but we know from many years experience that most young people wouldn’t manage to structure and motivate themselves to achieve that they need to. Schools generally don’t have the capacity to work closely with each student through this process.

If you are committed and motivated, we can give you the structure and individual attention you need. The fact is that you have to put in the work yourself, whether you take A levels in one year or two. You need to have had a strong education in previous years and a large portion of maturity to work with us and go after your aims. We make sure students don’t feel alone or under too much pressure. Of course, we are also very careful to secure a balanced life. All students also have to join a leisure activity such as drama, music or sport. We take care of gym membership etc so you can focus on the course. Host families also help to take care of everyday questions.

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