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The high school graduation system in the UK is unlike in most countries. Neither is better, just different. We generally believe in allowing people to specialise earlier. Everyone takes the same leaving certificate aged 16, then many already start working in the direction of what they want to study or do as a career.

A levels remain the most common qualification held by 18 year old UK applicants, with 59.8 per cent of applicants in 2018 holding only A levels.*

The second most common single qualification type is BTECs, although the proportion of applicants holding only BTECs is around 10%.

The proportion of applicants holding a combination of BTECs and A levels is around 7%.

Around 20% hold other qualifications including a comnbinations of A Level, BTEC and  Cambridge Technical, or IB.

All these qualification can allow students to start university in the UK. In some countries, BTECs are not accepted. You would need to check your country and have the answer in writing.

We need to be clear. We don’t believe that IB is the right solution for students only coming to the UK for one year.

You might see BTECs which only take one year. Be careful…these are 90 credit diplomas and don’t give university access alone, although they can make it possible in combination with 2 A levels.

It is theoretically possible to obtain A levels in one year.

British A levels are recognised worldwide as a high quality, in depth course.

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