The Hub


The SEE Hub is located just a few metres from the famous Brighton beach and minutes from the boutique shops of The Lanes and the brand name stores in the Churchill Shopping Centre. All facilities can be easily reached on foot or by bus. It is a 10 minute walk to the mainline station, so access to London is quick and safe. A transfer to Gatwick airport takes approx. 30 minutes, Heathrow is a little further at about 1.5 hours. The Hub is on Oriental Place, a typical Brighton street of Georgian style houses.

Staying at the Hub

Most SEE students stay in host families because they want to find a home away from home, learn about the British way of life and enjoy the support of their carers. However, some students are looking for a different way to live during their time in the UK. Staying at the Hub offers the opportunity to live in the centre of town, be more independent and always have contact with other young people. Hub staff are on duty at all times to make sure everyone is safe. They set curfews, monitor school attendance, supervise cooking, check nutrition and get involved to see that people are getting along together. This is an environment for students aged 16 to 18, so programme rules are in place. The Hub team is in close contact with other SEE staff, act as host
parents and can help with travel, sickness and
finding activities and friends.


Rooms and facilities

The hub is set over five floors and provides a mix of seminar rooms, accommodation, event space, offices and eating areas. The most popular area of the Hub is the basement where there are comfortable sofas, a TV with Netflix and Amazon, video games and board games. It is a very cool place to spend time and residents may invite guests. There is space to store bikes, surf boards or other sports equipment. Most students make use of the proximity of the beach for skating, volleyball and water sports. We have two small yards and some space for art and music. Hub students are at the centre of any activities and trips offered to SEE students, so they never miss out on the fun. The Hub has a small number of single and double rooms. All rooms are bright and clean and some have a lovely view of the sea. Students share bathrooms, but they do have their own sink. The decor is fresh, but neutral, so it is possible to get creative in the room, adding personal touches. Bedding and towels are provided and washing machines are available.


Having the hub in the centre of Brighton allows us to offer participants in all programmes activities such as language classes, yoga, seminars and film evenings. It is also possible to just drop by for coffee or a snack and see what is going on.


The hub has self catering and cooked meal facilities. The meals available during your stay depend on the programme you have booked. Yes, we can offer COVID quarantine packages including all meals. One of the reasons students choose to stay at the Hub is that they would like the option to choose what they eat and to cook for themselves. We understand this and make it possible, but we do provide cooking instructions, keep an eye on what residents are eating, help with the shopping, take care of food hygiene and watch out for regular mealtimes. Of course, we are very close to supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways. It is possible to access a separate part of the kitchen to prepare gluten free, vegan or vegetarian meals. Students are encouraged to cook and eat together. Baking is welcome!


Sorry to be boring, but we have to have extremely clear rules at the hub because during ‘red weeks’ our guests are all under 18 and sometimes even under 16. There is a zero tolerence policy on smoking, drinking and drugs: Anyone not acting appropriately will be asked to leave immediately. Curfews are in place for younger students and staff pay close attention to guests’ safety.


Some students come to us for just a few days, maybe because their host family is away or they need to be in central Brighton for an exam or an event. Short term stays which are part of a cultural exchange programme are free of charge. Other short stays cost £25 per night. A few students have the possibility to stay at the Hub long term to attend a local school. The long stay fees are usually £300 a month in a double room or £500 in a single.




If you want to find out more, get in touch

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