England Field Trip

Juniper Hall has beautiful scenery and countryside surroundings yet is very close to towns. The Hall is an 18th-century country house 500m from the foot of Box Hill and 25 miles from London. The slopes provide habitats and environments for study including unimproved chalk grassland, woodlands, heathland and freshwater (rivers, streams and springs). This 2 day field trip focuses on biodiversity and research methods. It is the first opportunity to travel with the group and experience learning at a field centre.

Wales Field Trip

Margam Discovery Centre is situated within Margam Park, an 850-acre country estate. Today the park presents to the naturalist a pattern of plant habitats whose presence can be related to agricultural management and landscape planting. Woodlands, scrub, grassland, bog, lakes and streams provide a diverse countryside, which contrasts vividly with industrial Port Talbot. This 3 day trip focuses on conservation. Of course, there is also an opportunity to explore Wales a little. We will stop in Bristol and Cardiff.

Scotland Field Trip

The Marine Science Camp in Scotland is a 5 day field trip. Located on the Isle of Cumbrae on the Firth of Clyde, FSC Millport has a rich history as a marine research station. The Centre is easily reached in just 10 minutes by ferry from the mainland at Largs.


Millport’s onsite research vessel is often used during university field courses. The vessel is equipped with various scientific and surveying equipment, as well as a trawling beam, crane, winch and a sea water pump for maintaining marine specimens on deck in portable tanks. Our expert equipment and capable crew make our vessel ideal for scientific surveying, wildlife tours, educational trips and project work.

The residential gives our young people the chance to develop a range of transferable skills. These types of skills help across many areas of life and are particularly good for including in job or education applications:

Communicating with others

Working as a team

Managing your time

Taking the lead

Resilience & reliability

Problem solving & decision making

This trip is a fantastic opportunity for young people to discover marine biology and marine science. It includes a range of activities to explore and learn about the coastal environments and marine wildlife of the Isle of Cumbrae.

Of course, students will also have an opportunity to see more of Scotland than the small island. A day in the modern, bustling city of Glasgow provides an interesting contrast.