All students are referred to us by an organisation in the sending country. We work this way to be absolutely sure that each student and their parents have received the best possible advice and preparation before booking a programme. We are happy to send you a list of organisations in your country. Organisations provide students with our brochure which includes all schools and information about the programme, or our brochure has been used as the basis for information being provided in the organisation’s brochure. The student chooses a school or asks us to choose.


The student fills in an APPLICATION-FORM. This can be sent as an attachment. This can be done by hand or electronically. The organisation uploads the form on our Student application upload. Don’t worry, changes can be made after upload. As soon as the application has been uploaded, an email confirmation is sent to the partner and the student. Some students choose a school or specifically request to have a brother or sister or a two parent family. Everyone has a single room, so it isn’t necessary to book that extra.


As soon as the application has been sent, things start to happen:

1. Our English teacher arranges a Zoom meeting. Don’t worry, your programme acceptance doesn’t depend on the meeting, we jsut like to talk with you about the right subject choices and school in the UK. You might be asked to do a little work to prepare for your arrival.

2. We start matching you with a family and school.


We release all placements on the same day. Placements for students arriving in August/ September are released on the 17th of June. Students will contact host families for the first time on Sunday, the 30th of June. Students arriving in January will find out about their placement in November. The organisation in your country will give you the log in details for your online account with us. When you log in, you will see all about your new home! Of course, you will also see how to confirm the placement, book the pre-departure meeting, choose subjects, buy uniform (if in year 10 or 11), tell us your flight details, book trips, download the handbooks and contact your host family.


We will be at the airport to meet every student who arrives on the usual day. Some students will be at a soft landing camp with us for a couple of days before the others arrive. We will make sure the transfer to the new home goes smoothly and the family will be waiting at the destination. Within 10 days of arrival, all students attend an in person orientation seminar in groups of about 6, so everyone has a chance to get to know each other and find out how things work.