State High Schools

Choosing Activities

Don't can add 2 more A Levels

Our 2019 students joined:

Tennis clubs
Script writing classes
Drama groups
Dance schools
Handball clubs
Basketball clubs
Cheerleading clubs
Public speaking classes
Swim teams
Gymnastics clubs
Art classes
Archery teams
Football clubs
Astronomy club
Chess club
Badminton clubs
Riding stables

and took part in:
Duke of Edinburgh

Others worked at:

Active students are usually happy students.

If you have a hobby or talent, we would like to know about it and help you take part in the UK.

Champion football player….great, let’s find a club and get you an international licence!

Top musician…excellent, let’s find the best local orchestra!

Brilliant dancer…wonderful, let’s look at dance workshops and schools!

What will you be doing next year?

We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have or if you need any further information.