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Ours schools are all located quite close to London. This is so that students can get to the airport easily and also take part in the trips.

We offer trips to interesting places in most months. We usually keep the cost below £100. This year ……

  • We spent a weekend in Oxford. We held a workshop on Macbeth and then went to see the play together. Students were happy to understand Shakespeare.
  • We went to the Isle of Wight by minibus. It was fun to spend time together and see something completely different.
  • Of course, we arranged several weekends in London. Students watched
    musicals, saw the sights and enjoyed the shopping. Most were confident to
    return to London alone during the year. and all lived within easy travelling
    distance to the capital.
  • Others went to Brighton.
  • A few went on an adventure trip to Wales with us.
  • The visits to theme parks were very popular.

We encourage students to take day trips at weekends and in half terms and help them buy tickets to travel alone or join our groups if they are younger.

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