Private Schools

Factors to Consider

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The size of the school

In our experience, there are advantages to both large and small schools. All the schools we have chosen for this book are large enough to offer a good choice of subjects, but small enough for everyone to feel known and comfortable.

The location

Many private schools in the UK are in the countryside. However, we find that some students find that pretty for a while, but like to be near a city for longer term stays. We have chosen a few schools which make it possible to live in an urban location, so they can travel around more easily.

The atmosphere

We particularly like schools which have a family atmosphere, where older pupils mix with younger ones and teachers have a relatively relaxed relationship with students. We want students to feel happy and at ease because that is how they thrive the most.

The academic standards

All of our schools are able to work well with highly gifted students as well as those who find learning more difficult. Extra tuition is available to stretch or support.

The fees

We have chosen schools with moderate fees where education is highly valued.

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