Dear Colleagues around the world,

We are always happy to connect with organisations who place value on clarity, safety and opportunity for their students. Most partners no longer use this site for information because we know each other well and they have the brochures for our 3 brands:

See’s own private study centre: 3 A Levels in one year = university access. Brighton


Semester at a state high school: 30 schools in Brighton, Canterbury, Oxford, Reading, Salisbury, Bournemouth.

1 or more years at private high school: 8 schools, South of England.

Unique language programme: 3 days to 3 weeks. One to one with trained youth leader. Brighton



Please contact us to discuss what you would like to offer your students. The best way forwards is usually a meeting on Skype or in person. Luckily several UK airlines now make a trip out to meet such an easy thing to do, which launches a new working relationship based on trust and understanding.




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