High quality language courses before and during the stay in the UK

We have been providing online preparation courses and registering applicants for Cambridge exams for many years and hundreds of our students have achieved a C1 certificate during their high school stay in the UK. 2023/2024 saw a significant increase in our efforts to support students in their learning journey as our own full time English teacher improved the intensity of our language course by offering extensive exam preparation with high quality feedback on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Online courses are a start, but they really come to life and make a difference when they are tutor led.

In summer 2025, we are expanding our language work by offering a pre-departure course. This option is currently available to students who we feel may struggle immediately after arrival due to lack of English. You will have noticed that we are arranging English meetings with students as soon as we see their applications because we want to be sure we spot any weaknesses early and have plenty of time to help our young people improve, so they get the best start possible. The course involves considerable input on our part, but we are not charging for it because we believe it vastly contributes to the quality of our programme.