How we place

When we receive an application, we look closely at requests such as location, school subjects, school year and family constellation. Usually we can let you know immediately if those requests can be fulfilled.

Some students would like to take part in a particular activity whilst they are here. Because we understand that their sport, music, art or other interest is  important to them, we will probably ask for more information, so we can get it right: Example of special interest information

Host Families:

SEE will place the participant in a single room with an English speaking family for the duration of the participant’s programme. The host family will provide accommodation, breakfast and evening meals in the home. Meals away from home, school lunch and transportation to and from school from have to be paid for by the student.

Criminal Background Checks:

A criminal background check will be undertaken on every host family member over 18 years of age.

State High School:

SEE will secure the participant’s enrollment in a state high school. The designation of the grade the students will attend, class schedule and year-end attendance recognition is solely at the discretion of the school. The participant must pay for school books, fees and any other fees charged by the school for extracurricular activities or sports programs.

Private High School:

If SEE secures the participant’s enrollment in a private high school, the total school tuition fee should be paid directly to the school.