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The Academies

We recommend that each student choose one academy for the whole year in addition to the three A Levels (Environmental Science plus 2 subjects).

Rugby Academy

The Newman Rugby Academy was created to allow students to develop themselves and play a high standard of rugby alongside academic courses. It is an all year round (3 terms) programme that uses the off-season to enhance strength, conditioning and performance. Newman Rugby Academy has now been running for four years and we are delighted to be the AoC National Champions. We have created an environment that develops high playing levels and understanding and establishes a strong team environment for like-minded individuals. The academy creates ongoing pathways, such as university scholarships and big clubs.

We have a formal contract with Ealing Trailfinders (championship pro rugby club). They provide access to top coaching and playing facilities, and sponsor players through university. We send them playing footage and they attend games to scout our players for possible professional career support and contracts. We also run an u16 invitational program in the evenings for Ealing Trailfinders.

What we provide:

Our 1st’s will be within the Premier Colleges League. We hope to improve on our 3rd place from this year. They will also be entered again into the Natwest Cup (there are 4 levels of competition here Cup, Vase, Plate and Bowl). The RFU has allocated us into their top tier of competition.

Our 2nd team enter both South East Regional areas of the AOC leagues (Area 1 West, Area 2 East). This means we are doubling our 2nd team fixtures. Only 3 colleges nationally have 2nd teams in this competition (Exeter Chiefs College Academy and Hartbury College).

Newman 3rd and 4th Sides
These sides are entered into the Sussex leagues and cup.
VII aside Season (Jan – April)
We enter 4 VIIs tournaments and run our own festival in March for 20 sides. We run 5 VIIs teams and the season is concluded by one of the highlights of the year in the HSBC Rosslyn Park VIIs (the largest rugby tournament in the world).

Athletics Academy

The Newman Athletics Academy supports Elite, county, club and school representative athletes in making their goals a reality.

The Athletics Academy is run by ex-Team GB / England Athlete and current
International Coach Julia Machin, and provides year-round, tailored training that meets the needs of each individual. We hold discussion sessions aimed at all abilities every fortnight, covering athletic issues from nutrition to preparing for a major
competition. Julia is an international coach for UK athletics and has a level 3 strength and conditioning qualification.

While we train mainly at the school, we also have two hours a week at Withdean stadium, where we enhance training set by personal coaches or cater for technical training for college athletes.

What we provide:

  • Year round training
  • Facilities for strength and conditioning
  • Trips and visits
  • Regular training and visits by the professionals
  • Individual and team competition
  • A weekly training schedule

Dance Academy

The Newman Dance Academy is an intensive weekly programme that offers you professional dance technique and training alongside your academic A-Level and BTEC studies. The Dance Academy is a year-round 3 term programme giving you first-hand access to a range of opportunities and experiences within the professional dance and performing arts industry. The programme is suitable for students who are looking to pursue a career in the industry. The Dance Academy consists of 4 hours of timetabled dance training a week alongside your other subjects and over the year will include development of technique and training in a range of different styles, choreography and composition, dance teaching/leadership experience and audition practice.

What we provide:

  • Technique Workshops and Choreographic Projects
    Our workshops include weekly trips off-campus to a local dance studio in Brighton or Hove to take professional dance classes, and taster days in London at a professional training dance school such as Laban, Royal Ballet or London Contemporary Dance school. We also have a local dance artist in college as an ‘artist in residence’ for a term to create a choreography project with the students. These include film projects.
  • A weekly training schedule
  • Facilities for strength and conditioning
  • Free dance training kit
  • Theatre trips
  • Teaching and leadership experience
  • Audition preparation
  • Performance Opportunities at live theatre venues

Art and Photography Academy

The Art and Photography Academy is a weekly programme that will give you access to a creative world beyond Newman College and its classroom walls. You will learn new skills and begin your journey on a creative career path, with guidance from professional creative practitioners. It will run alongside your Creative Arts A-level and BTEC studies.

What we provide:

  • A programme of talks and workshops, led by artists and photographers, studio managers, gallery curators and Art and Design and Photography foundation course leaders.
    Free life drawing classes and access to other skills based workshops.
  • Trips including London galleries
  • Opportunities to work with a community group outside of the college.
  • Links with Fabrica Art Gallery, which provides excellent volunteering opportunities.
  • Support collating your portfolio for use on your academic or career path

All participation in the Art and Photography Academy will be rewarded with digital badges. The badges will allow you to show future colleges, universities and employers that you possess key skills (communication, resilience, collaboration etc.), developed outside of the usual classroom setting.

Drama Academy

The Newman Drama Academy is a weekly programme that offers you opportunities to develop your drama skills alongside your academic A Level Drama & Theatre Course.

The Drama Academy acts as a theatre company and works on a project throughout the year. Our students work together to create and perform a play aimed at a target audience. As well as opportunities to develop your acting skills, we also provide opportunities for you to develop your skills in directing, theatre design and theatre management.

What we provide:

  • 6 hours of timetabled drama training each fortnight alongside your other subjects
  • The opportunity to develop performance skills using vocals, movement and
  • Acting and CV experience
  • Work towards College Drama Performance and a Drama Academy Production
  • Audition preparation for Drama Schools and Theatre Companies
  • Leadership and teaching opportunities with younger years,through activities such as Lower School Drama Clubs
  • Opportunities to meet professionals or students and staff from post 18 courses
  • Talks from guest speakers about careers and routes into performing arts industries
  • Teaching and Drama Education Opportunities including delivering drama workshops to local schools
  • A range of theatre trips including the West End
  • Workshops with theatre directors/actors/teachers exploring a range of theatrical styles

Fashion & Textiles Academy

The Newman Fashion & Textiles Academy is a full and exciting programme that offers you opportunities to learn new skills with a focus on garment and costume construction. The programme is suitable for students who are looking to pursue a career as a clothing or costume designer, maker, textile artist, or one of the many specialist career strands within the industry. It is suitable if you are planning on studying an art-based course at a higher or degree level and would like to build up a portfolio of work to take to interviews. It is also a fantastic skill to be able to understand patterns and to make your own clothes!

What we provide:

1. Garment Construction:
An intensive sewing machine skills workshop especially for those without these skills.
Basic construction methods workshops (4x 2hour sessions): shaping, manipulating fabric, fastenings, pockets etc (Any students with these skills already to move on to the next section)
Individual projects- each student to make a garment for themselves under supervision (they will need to also come in for additional hours or work at home to get this finished)

2. Theatre costume:
Students will study the work of different costume designers
Using their construction skills, students will each work on creating a costume for a character in the school production or dance performance

3. Surface embellishment/colouring fabrics:
Students will learn a range of dyeing and printing techniques
Decorating fabrics using trims, embellishments and advanced machine skills
What we provide:

Trips to the Brighton University fashion & textiles graduate exhibition. A great opportunity for inspiring students to think about studying the subject at degree level. Trips to Graduate Fashion Week in East London to see catwalk shows and to factories as well as artist talks or workshops for our students.

Graphic Design Academy

Grow your understanding of commercial design, and how graphics is used in business. Through workshops and independent projects at the Graphic Design Academy (GDA), your knowledge of enterprise and commercial graphic design will be developed.

The GDA will run for 2 hours every fortnight, alongside your chosen A Level Subject

We will explore:

  • Visual communication
  • The principles of design (All Design considerations)
  • Layout
  • Branding
  • Theory of printing principles
  • Typography
  • Colour theory
  • Essential design job considerations.

Law Academy

The Law Academy is a weekly programme that will give you access to a world beyond Newman College and its classroom walls. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of how the law and legal professionals work in practice, that will not only enhance your core studies, but also help you with the skills and experience you need to move into a legal career in the future. Participation in the Law Academy will not be compulsory for Law students but will be open to all and will run alongside your Law A-level or BTEC Applied Law studies.

We will explore:

A programme of talks and workshops led by people working in a legal context; magistrates, MPs, Members of the House of Lords, Judges, CPS Lawyers, Probation Officers, recent law graduates and practicing lawyers from a variety of disciplines.
Skills based workshops led by University and legal professionals

Trips: to the local Magistrates and Crown Courts and to the Supreme Court and Houses of Parliament.

Opportunities to develop valuable skills of leadership, communication and teamwork through legal based activities such as debating and mock trials. All participation in these activities will be rewarded with digital badges. The badges will allow you to show future colleges, universities and employers that you possess key skills (communication, resilience, collaboration etc.), developed outside of the usual classroom setting.

Support preparing for University Applications, and if required, the Law Admissions Tests.

Maths Academy

The Maths Academy’s results put it in the top 1% for progress for the last 2 consecutive years – with 84% of students achieving and A*/A grade and all passing. There are currently six former Academy students studying at Oxford University with more current year 13 students already having secured offers.

Working in partnership with the University of Sussex, it is our belief that success in higher education and future employability are greatly enhanced by continuing to study a mathematical discipline.

The aim of the Mathematics Academy is to support and encourage the study of Mathematics into post-16 education and to create a community within Newman College with academic excellence at its core. All students who study A-level/ AS-level Mathematics or Statistics are automatically part of the Academy and will benefit from exceptional teaching by specialists in both pure and applied Mathematics. They will also be able to take part in enrichment days and workshops at the University of Sussex which will help to show how the Mathematics they study is used to solve real world problems.

At the heart of the Academy are the Further Mathematics students who will have their own unique identity within the college along with their own tutor group where Year 12 and 13

What we provide:

  • Time outside lessons engaged in group mathematical pursuits
  • University visits
  • An exclusive timetable tailored to fit in extra maths time
  • First class preparation for Oxbridge entrance exams (STEP and MAT).

Music Academy

The Newman Music Academy offers you the opportunity to develop your performance, composition and music production skills alongside your academic A-Level and BTEC studies.

The Music Academy includes free weekly group tuition on voice or instrument and an extensive programme of termly performance, composition and music production workshops.

All members of the Music Academy are invited to join our Sixth Form Band and have extra opportunities to perform in our break-time open-mic concerts and termly events.

Members of the Music Academy would be expected to attend weekly band rehearsals on Fridays from 10.40-11.40am and to choose a minimum of two two hour workshops per term from the programme. The workshops take place on Wednesdays from 3-5pm and will cover performing, composing, recording and mixing skills.

What we provide:

  • Instrumental/vocal tuition
  • Workshops
  • Band rehearsals
  • Opportunities to meet professionals or students and staff from post 18 courses
  • Concerts
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills by coaching younger musicians

Football at Newman College

Newman College runs three football teams for men and one for women. They have dedicated training time during the College day outside of lesson time and matches on Wednesday afternoons, playing in the Sussex leagues and all four teams enter the National cup. Training is under the watchful eye of our own PE department which includes fully qualified FA coaches who have coached with Brighton district teams and Brighton and Hove Albion Youth section. Football is incredibly popular at Newman College and very successful. Due to the large numbers of students involved and that a number of these students want to be part of other academies the football sits outside our official academy structure but works in a very similar way.

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