Host families

We want to make sure our students are able to perfect language skills and absorb British culture. We feel they do this best by staying in the community. Leaving your family and friends to study abroad is incredibly brave. We want to offer the comfort and support of a host family. Your family knows the area which takes the stress of you finding your feet in the beginning. They care about you which is comforting when you study hard.

When applying for study abroad, candidates often say that one of their reasons for making that choice is that they want to gain maturity and independence. Staying with a host family allows them to do so at the rate which is considered appropriate for our country. They have freedom whilst still being carefully watched over by a family and coordinator outside school. Students always have a single room, but some families host two students. It can be nice to have a sibling from a different country.

SEE is accredited with Aegis (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). 

‘South England Exchange Ltd demonstrates that they have a close and effective working relationship with the partner organisations to ensure that all necessary information is shared. Care is taken to arrange suitable placements in both schools and homestays in order that the students’ needs are fully met. Students are provided with helpful information prior to arrival by means of a booklet and through discussion with an Area Manager. They are made fully aware of who to turn to should  they have any concerns. South England Exchange Ltd have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and deputy who understand the responsibilities that come with these roles and are aware of the procedures to follow should any concerns be raised. Safer recruitment checks are undertaken on staff and homestays. Regular contact is maintained with schools, who know to contact South England Exchange Ltd with any information or concerns during the exchange. South England Exchange Ltd representatives attend parents’ evenings and deal with any issues, such as those related to academic progress. South England Exchange Ltd appears to be a well-run, efficient organisation whose clear and consistent procedures help ensure that students experience a high level of service regardless of where they are placed and how long the exchange is for’.


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