Full Year Diploma

The unique school year in the UK which offers a high quality general education and a
particular focus on an area of great personal importance to young people.


Students tend to excel at subjects which are relevant to them. Courses which present links between the individual subjects offer an increased sense of purpose, leading to more enthusiasm and commitment. The centrestone of the SEE Diploma in Environmental and Cultural Studies is a topic which is close to the heart of so many young people these days: understanding and caring for our world.

Throughout the year, students keep this focus as they discover, discuss and debate. The environmental aspect is based on the curriculum for A Level Environmental Science, but the group goes beyond the textbooks as they widen their horizons by listening to respected guest speakers, develop critical thinking by preparing a guided project on a topic which inspires them and perfect public speaking skills as they work towards the final presentation in June. This is an unforgettable year which equips alumni for excellence in their future studies and careers.

Of course, our young people also need to work on subjects they need for school at home or the subjects they are planning to take at university. They therefore also take A Level courses in traditional subjects such as History or Physics or explore an area which is completely new to them such as Photography or Media.

Many students additionally take part in one of the academies such as for rugby, golf, athletics, art, dance, drama, law, fashion, maths or music. Expert support is provided if applying for Oxford, Cambridge or Medicine and Veterinary Science through the Academic Extension Programme.


  • The Diploma in Environmental and Cultural Studies takes one year to complete. Shorter stays may be possible.
  • Students usually follow the diploma course. This always includes A Level Environmental Science plus two A Levels in any available subject of their choice.
  • Students completing the year have the option to sit A Level exams, but must be aware that this would require considerable focus and a significant amount of individual study as these are usually two year courses.
  • Students can additionally take A Levels in their own language, GCSE Maths and English and Cambridge English Exams.
  • Students are usually aged between 15 and 18.
  • Students need to be able to follow discussions and complete projects in English. This requires at least a B1 level on CEFR. If in doubt, we will Skype interview.

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