Booking deadline 15th of December 2023

Trip to Europe

February Half Term 2024 (12th to 17th of February)

5 nights/6 days


Day 1: London – Amsterdam , Day 2: Amsterdam – Cologne, Day 3: Cologne – Luxenbourg, Day 4: Luxenbourg – Paris, Day 5: Paris – London, Day 6 London


If you’re a current exchange student wanting to see more of Europe before you go home or a high school student abroad wanting to explore Europe for a short trip, we can offer you a chance to see some of Europe’s best cities in under a week. Our trips are exclusively for high school and middle school students and supervised by well traveled staff, letting you explore Europe with your friends while still having someone to help you find your way.

£980  including travel, overnights and breakfast

On the first day, we meet in London at St Pancras station. Once everyone is there and ready to go, we board the train to Amsterdam! We arrive in Amsterdam with plenty of time to look around the city. We are very likely to all get dinner together on this evening and we may go for a cycle tour as the can be the best way to explore.

In the afternoon, we’ll make our way to the German city, Cologne., known best for its cathedral. Where you’ll have the afternoon and evening to look around, get dinner and have fun before we head to the hostel for the night.

Luxembourg City, the captivating capital of the Grand Duchy, seamlessly blends medieval charm with modern vibrancy. Begin in the UNESCO-listed Old Town with its Grand Ducal Palace and historic squares. Explore the Casemates du Bock for a journey through military history and enjoy panoramic views. Cross the Adolphe Bridge to the Grund’s riverside charm, then venture into Kirchberg for contemporary architecture and cultural institutions. As night falls, experience the lively nightlife in Grund and Clausen. For a unique nocturnal adventure, explore the illuminated Petrusse Casemates. Luxembourg City offers a memorable fusion of history, nature, and modern life, promising a captivating experience for every traveler.

The train takes just over two hours into the heart of Europe, leaving the perfect amount of time to check in and explore the local area in the afternoon. In the evening, we all meet up again to take a tour of Parist. We’ll take a look at the Louvre-Pyramide, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and many more sights. After our tour, we head back to the hostel to get a good night’s rest for the adventure to come.

London, the vibrant UK capital, weaves history and modernity with iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge and the Shard. Dive into the rich history of the Tower of London, stroll the energetic South Bank, and catch a show in the dazzling West End. Museums like the British Museum showcase global treasures, while neighbourhoods from trendy Shoreditch to historic Covent Garden offer diverse experiences. Explore Hyde Park’s greenery or the charming streets of Notting Hill. Culinary adventures await in Borough Market, reflecting London’s multicultural essence. Tradition meets innovation in this unforgettable city!