If you apply early enough, you can choose where spend your year abroad. For some students this is about where they don’t end up living because they imagine quite challenging settings like they have heard about in other countries such as the USA.

We totally understand that you might not want to live in the countryside if you are used to the city and it is possible to exclude that situation if you are not applying at the last minute. On the other hand, you may prefer to live in a rural area, that is fine too.

The infrastructure in the UK is generally good. There are frequent buses and trains from most areas. All our students are placed quite close to London, so it is possible to go sightseeing there at the weekend.

Wherever you live, you would expect to take a bus or train to school. That is normal here and we have the public transport network to make it easy. You could request to live within walking distance of school, but it is not a choice we recommend.

We have chosen fairly affluent areas of England: Kent, Dorset, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, so you can expect a good standard of living without having to choose a specific region.

If you have a particular interest, you may want to choose a city. That is possible for early applicants at no extra charge. Typical choices would be Salisbury because it is a good sized, very British city with a beautiful cathedral, Bournemouth because it has long, sandy beaches, Canterbury for the historic architecture and lively city, Brighton for the quirkiness and big city feeling or Reading because it is so close to London. We might suggest a city because you have a hobby which is available there. We usually already know which cities have which activities. If you are asking for a sport our students haven’t been involved in before, we check the league tables to find the top clubs.