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Our Hub in Brighton city centre, just a few metres from the beach,  is always open. Guests come by for lunch or snacks whenever they are in Brighton for the full day. They pick up a packed lunch there if they will be travelling further, maybe on a day trip to London. The Buddies were trained at the Hub, so we know them well and they know where to find everything. For down time between activities, there are board games, DVDs and even games consoles like XBox and Playstation. Art and craft supplies are available too.

We have found that sewing projects for example can be a great activity as they involve shopping together, planning and finishing something. Communication is constant, but focussing on the process takes the pressure off and promotes bonding.

Having the Hub makes it easier to deal with the logistics of not using a mobile phone whilst out and about. Buddy and guest can come by to look up information together which is more communicative on a PC than on a phone. Watching a Youtube video together is a very naturaly activity, we just like to put it in a gently controlled environment.

Although ensuring only English is possible during the day is the key to the success of the programme, we also understand that for some students, especially younger ones, having a chance to interact with a friend or someone of their own nationality in the evening can be helpful too, so it is also open for film evenings, games or just chatting.

Having access to the Hub also means the buddies can drop by with any questions or concerns during the day. They are personally suited and well trained, but we want to be sure there is a strong network behind them. Full time staff at the hub speak various languages and could help with translation if needed, but guest and buddy usually work things out without help. Staff have many years of experience in language travel and are there to make everything run smoothly.

Host families and travel are coordinated from the Hub too, so it can also be a helpful meeting point for drop offs and pick ups. Of course, it is in easy reach of public transport, the shopping streets and the beach.

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