British Buddies

How does it work?

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  1. The programme is for individual guests aged 12 upwards. Friends can come together, but they will have different buddies and we recommend different host families.
  2. Guests booking a pick up choose a date from Dusseldorf, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Zuerich, Paris or Brussels. These programmes are always 7 days. Our staff pick up in those cities. Other dates and durations are possible for guests who can fly alone or are brought to Gatwick by parents. Flight prices are not included.
  3. Guests choose activities from the list and do them with their buddy. Guests should choose at least one activity a day. Activities are chosen on our app, website or form.
  4. An invoice is created for the basic package plus any extra costs for activities or extra days. The guest sees all costs when he chooses.
  5. We choose a buddy to look after the guest and send a profile. Guests may contact their buddy.
  6. We choose a host family and send a detailed profile with photos.
  7. On the accompanied dates, a travel buddy meets guests at the airport in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Rome or Zuerich or at the train station in Paris or Brussels and brings them safely to Gatwick. The group takes the train to Brighton, just 30 minutes away. On other dates,
    guests are met by their buddy at Gatwick.
  8. The personal buddies meet the students at the station in Brighton and take them to the host families.
  9. The buddies pick the students up at the host family home, spend each day with them and bring them back to the host family.
  10. If an accompanied date and drop off have been chosen, a travel buddy brings students back to the home country. If no travel buddy has been booked, the guest is taken to check in at Gatwick.

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