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Our students under 16 all stay with host families in Brighton and the surrounding area. Families are required to provide a comfortable room and space for storing clothes and other posessions. Of course, they are also expected to interact with their guests as much as possible. Most communication takes place at breakfast or dinner. We encourage our guests to get involved in family life whenever there is an opportunity. Over 16s may be able to stay at the Hub.

British Buddies is a unique programme. We describe an example stay below to make it easy to understand.

The Guest

Manuel, 14 from Spain
Manuel can’t imagine coming to England alone, so his friend, Antonio is coming too. Manuel chose 8 activities and Antonio chose most of the same ones.

The Buddy

Ben, 18, from Brighton
Ben is a year 13 student at Varndean College. He is a buddy because he likes to meet different people. He likes sports, particularly cricket and rugby. Manuel is Ben’s 9th guest.

Day 1

A travel buddy, Rebecca, meets Manuel, his friend Antonio and 7 other guests at Madrid airport. Manuel’s parents are happy to see who is accompanying him all the way to Brighton. Ben is waiting at Brighton Station and takes Manuel to his host family. Manuel finds it a little strange to say goodbye to Antonio, but he is excited to get to know Ben. They have about 30 minutes together because they go to the family by bus. It works well because Ben points out interesting things about Brighton on the way. Ben checks Manuel is comfortable in the host family and tells him he will come back later that day or the next morning (depending on arrival time)

Day 2:

Ben picks Manuel up at his host family and they go to our Buddy Hub together by bus. All guests meet at the centre in the morning and then go on a walking tour with their buddy individually. All have lunch at the centre. Manuel has chosen Sea Life as one of his activities. So he and Ben go there in the afternoon. Antonio has also chosen Sea Life, so he is scheduled to go there on a different day. Ben takes Manuel back to the host family where he has dinner and relaxes for the evening.

Day 3:

Ben and Manuel go to chosen activity number 2 which is skateboarding. The return to the centre for lunch. They do activity 3 in the afternoon which is a visit to the Royal Pavillion. Ben takes Manuel back to the host family, but they decide to meet up again in the evening and watch the film being shown at the centre. Manuel is looking forward to meeting Antonio so they can exchange news.

Day 4:

Manuel had chosen a full day in London as one of his activities, so Ben picks him up at 9:00, they take a train to London and spend the day sightseeing. They pick up a packed lunch from the centre. Other students are going to London that day too, so Ben and Manuel join up with Johan from Sweden and his buddy. Manuel could have chosen an evening activity in London such as a musical, but he didn’t want to.

Day 5

Ben and Manuel have checked at the Buddy Hub whether he is allowed to come by bus alone in the morning. He is confident to do this, so they meet there in the morning. They do his activity 5 which is a visit to the Toy and Model Museum. They go to the centre for lunch. In the afternoon, they do chosen activity 6, an escape room.

Day 6

Ben and Manuel go to activity 7, a stand up paddle lesson with a qualified instructor. They return to the centre for lunch. In the afternoon, they do the last activity Manuel booked which a bike ride along the beach road (Ben makes sure Manuel is wearing a helmet) and a couple of hours on the pier playing on the machines. Of course, they also have the freedom to do something extra, so they decide that Ben will teach Manuel how to play cricket. As it is the last day, they are sure to go to the centre for the evening where games are being played.

Day 7

Ben picks Manuel up and takes him to the station. The travel buddy, Rebecca, takes him to Gatwick and they fly to Madrid together. Manuel has spoken English for an entire week, he feels he has a cool older brother and he didn’t even notice how much he was learning. 

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