About the Certificate

The Certificate in Environmental and Cultural Studies is for students who would like to attend from 19th February to 11th June 2022. This second semester programme offers particular focus on an area of great personal importance to young people and an extensive programme of educational and cultural trips. It is suitable for students from abroad as well as from the UK. The course can be of particular relevance to those whose education has been interrupted by Covid as well as those who would like to focus on Environmental Science for a shorter period.

The course includes 25 hours of teaching per week as well as weekend trips and field trips. The main subject is Environmental Science, which includes Science, Maths, English, Psychology, Geography, Ethics, Media, Politics, Art and Photography. All students follow the course ‘Life in the UK’ which covers Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. Students also have the opportunity to study a foreign language. BIS does not teach English as a foreign language, but students will gain language skills through the general education curriculum and they can be entered for a Cambridge language exam to certify their level.