Brighton International School, a co-educational independent school for UK and international students aged 15 to 18, is owned by South England Exchange Ltd. (SEE). The school offers students the opportunity to complete A Levels in Environmental Science and/or Modern Foreign Languages in one or two years. We particularly value interdisciplinary courses with mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic aspects.

Why Environmental Science?

  1. The common interest in the environment links our young people from all over the world.
  2. Our students express a desire to work together for a global solution and we value this opportunity to create trans-national dialogue.
    3. The curriculum for A Level Environmental Science offers vast potential for cross-curricular study.

Studying Environmental Science at BIS enables students to access a broad curriculum for longer because elements of Maths, Science, Geography. Psychology, History, Ethics, Politics, English, Technology, Critical Thinking, Art and Media are included. This is important for the individual as it equips them to gain a rounded understanding of our world at an age when they are keen to absorb, analyse and discuss. It is important for our environment because we need environmentally minded scientists, but also those who specialise in areas such as government, communication, teaching and homemaking where their skills in subjects such as Language, Art or Psychology can be helpful.  BIS makes Environmental Science attractive to and accessible for students with strengths in all areas by ensuring passionate teaching, careful differentiation, a lively and varied curriculum and several field trips during the year.

Why Modern Foreign Languages?

  1. Many sixth forms are no longer able to offer languages because not enough students gain the required grades at GCSE.
  2. UK students benefit enormously from encountering students from abroad who consider mastering another language necessary and possible.
  3. Mastering a foreign language enables advanced communication and adaptability skills, deeper cultural awareness, an edge in the jobs market and flexibility to travel, study or work abroad.

The MFL curriculum covers not just language, but also social issues and trends as well as political and artistic culture. Students on MFL A Level courses gain skills in grammar and expression. Equally importantly, they access a broad curriculum which enables them to learn more about many elements of the world around them and develop in a rounded way.

Students attending the school live at home or with host families. South England Exchange assesses homestays, refers the arrangements to the relevant authorities as privately fostered and monitors welfare. SEE is an accredited guardianship organisation. Aegis (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) has thoroughly evaluated all policies and practices.




School Principal: Juliet Cassells

School address: 5 Old Steine, Brighton, BN11EJ

School Proprietor: South England Exchange Ltd, 12 Russell Mews, Brighton, BN12HZ, Tel.: 07796 997780