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Dear Colleagues,
You will find that we offer an exceptional level of knowledge of how to make student exchange work for all involved. The management’s experience of working in schools and exchange, on inbound and outbound, in the UK and abroad is unique in this country.

We believe in saying ‘Yes’. We know that many students are very open to all regions and schools, we also know that others would like to choose where they go, what they study and which hobbies they can enjoy. We understand that whilst they are here, questions can come up which have to be solved quickly and pragmatically. Having worked closely with the preparation of students prior to departure and the counselling of natural parents during the year, we appreciate the challenges of this role.

Please contact us to discuss what you would like to offer your students. The best way forwards is usually a meeting on Skype or in person. Luckily several UK airlines now make a trip out to meet such an easy thing to do, which launches a new working relationship based on trust and understanding.