High School Preparation Course for over 16s

Module 1 HSP Welcome
Unit 1 Unit 1: Welcome
Unit 2 Aim of the course
Unit 3 Think about families -acceptance
Unit 4 Think about families - motivation
Unit 5 First impressions
Unit 6 HSP Preparing for arrival
Unit 7 Your Area Manager
Unit 8 Getting on with the family
Unit 9 Laptops and phones
Unit 10 Strengthening the relationship
Unit 11 HSP School
Unit 12 HSP Making friends in school
Unit 13 HSP Handling problems
Unit 14 HSP Bus pass, lunch, books, uniform, attendance
Unit 15 HSP - Travel
Unit 16 HSP Visits from home
Unit 17 HSP Smoking, drinking, highs
Unit 18 HSP Health
Unit 19 HSP finish