The themes of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) and J. K. Rowling are universal. People of all ages, from around the world, can identify with the stories because they are about what makes us human: love, death, power, coming of age, survival, courage, prejudice, good and evil, war. The stories can often be summarised within minutes and then re-constructed, meaning a workshop in the morning plus afternoon sessions enable you to enjoy an exciting performance in the evening.

Other sessions in the day allow you the freedom to explore the topics which interest you most. You can research the unique venue, reflect on a topic such as revenge, think about staging and costumes or look at the language more closely by rewriting the story in very simple language or finding lines you can learn to quote confidently. Specially created materials and specifically trained teachers help you to prepare for the evening highlights. We respect that people have different study preferences: We guide you on every step, but we encourage you to find your own way.

Your teachers care about you and your individual learning.

The study centre is on the same campus as your bedroom.
You don’t lose any time and you are always in stimulating surroundings.











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