The 2019 Programme

Saturday, 20th July   Arrivals 

Welcome, walking tour, dinner in hall.

Sunday, 21st July Harry Potter Sunday 1 

Warner Bros. studio tour, dinner in hall.

Monday, 22nd July   Oxford Day 

Local culture and Shakespeare workshops and sessions, dinner in hall.

Tuesday, 23rd July   A Midsummer Night’s Dream   

Play workshop, performance in London, dinner in Regent’s park.

Wednesday, 24th July   Lewis Carroll Day   

Alice in Wonderland workshop and sessions, punting on the river, dinner in hall, evening films.

Thursday, 25th July   Macbeth Day   

Play workshop and sessions, dinner in hall, performance at Oxford castle.

Friday, 26th July   Presentations Day   

Workshop and sessions to prepare, dinner in hall, presentations.

Saturday 27th July   Jane Austen Day   

Workshop, trip to Bath, performance of Pride and Prejudice at West Wycombe, picnic.

Sunday, 28th July Harry Potter Sunday 2   

Day trip to London with tourist attractions and perfomances of The Cursed Child, dinner in London.

Monday 29th July   Living History Day   

Tudor Britain workshop and sessions, dinner in hall.

Tuesday 30th July   Henry VIII Day   

Workshops and sessions, performance of musical ‘Six’ in London. Workshop and sessions, dinner in hall.

Wednesday, 31st July   Romeo and Juliet 1   

Workshops and sessions, dinner in hall.

Thursday, 1st August   Romeo and Juliet 2   

Blenheim Palace, Shakespeare Village, open air performance, picnic.

Friday, 2nd August   Presentation Day 

Workshop and sessions, preparation for graduation, dinner in hall.

Saturday, 3rd August   Departures

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